EFL Health code in today's world

EFL Health code in today's worlof

Hi everyone,

How are you?
I know you must be running to catch bus or train, talking on mobile, grabbing a bite of sandwich.  Right?

But this is reality.  We can describe today's world as a fast world.  Everybody is seems to be so busy from waking up to going to bed.  As the priorities of the people changed,  every person is running rapidly to earn money.The world is denoted as industrialised world. Every person is working as a robot.  But In all this hectic daily routine we just don't realise that all these things are hazardous to our health. In short we are ignoring our health.
       Just ask yourself are you really healthy?  Many people will say YES. But again,  think over it,  mere physical fitness is not the health. The health is the state of physical,  mental as well as social well being. So we need to take care of our body,  mind as well as soul to achieve fitness.

         The stress is the vital factor which is encountered by each and every person regularly.  Long working hours, deadlines to complete the work, target etc leads to stress. Stress is the serious issue which affects you in all the aspects. Stress may lead to many health complaints like skin disorders like psoriasis,  disturbed sleep or insomnia, blood pressure fluctuations, irritable bowel syndrome, digestion related problems., diabetes,  hair related complaints etc.
Meal timings are also not fixed for the working people.At the same time eating junk food is also very common with them. Office people also consumes Tea and coffee very frequently.These unhealthy dietary habits as well as irregularmeal timings may lead to very serious problems like hyperacidity, peptic ulcer etc.


 To know your EFL HEALTH CODE is the perfect solution to restore your health. 
Health code guides you about each and every aspect of life including daily routine,  diet as per season's to be followed etc.   

    As mentioned earlier,  iirregular and unhealthy food habits may cause very serious health issue. EFL Health Code advises the particular diet for the person. By following this type of diet One can definitely resist the disease attack.seasonal changes that should be done in diet are also mentioned as per health code.The people with irregular and some incorrect dietary habits should know about the best diet for him as per his unique health code prescribed by EFL diet consultant.

Sedentary lifestyle is making your body stiff and rigid.  This may lead to weight related problems, joint complaints. Yoga as per your health code is the best way to overcome this issue.  Exercise as per health code makes your body flexible and resistes the excessive fat deposition.

yoga and meditation as per your health code are also proved to be very effective in reducing stress.
    One can get rid of stress worth the help of health code.  As per your Unique health code medications will be given which help to reduce your stress. These medications are completely safe and non habit forming.
Give some precious time for yourself.  Think for a while........  and do the Best  for you to stay healthy. Apply EFL Health code to your life and see miracles happening.

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