EFL Health code in today's world

EFL Health code in today's worlof

Hi everyone,

How are you?
I know you must be running to catch bus or train, talking on mobile, grabbing a bite of sandwich.  Right?

But this is reality.  We can describe today's world as a fast world.  Everybody is seems to be so busy from waking up to going to bed.  As the priorities of the people changed,  every person is running rapidly to earn money.The world is denoted as industrialised world. Every person is working as a robot.  But In all this hectic daily routine we just don't realise that all these things are hazardous to our health. In short we are ignoring our health.
       Just ask yourself are you really healthy?  Many people will say YES. But again,  think over it,  mere physical fitness is not the health. The health is the state of physical,  mental as well as social well being. So we need to take care of our body,  mind as well as soul to achieve fitness.

         The stress is the vital factor which is encountered by each and every person regularly.  Long working hours, deadlines to complete the work, target etc leads to stress. Stress is the serious issue which affects you in all the aspects. Stress may lead to many health complaints like skin disorders like psoriasis,  disturbed sleep or insomnia, blood pressure fluctuations, irritable bowel syndrome, digestion related problems., diabetes,  hair related complaints etc.
Meal timings are also not fixed for the working people.At the same time eating junk food is also very common with them. Office people also consumes Tea and coffee very frequently.These unhealthy dietary habits as well as irregularmeal timings may lead to very serious problems like hyperacidity, peptic ulcer etc.


 To know your EFL HEALTH CODE is the perfect solution to restore your health. 
Health code guides you about each and every aspect of life including daily routine,  diet as per season's to be followed etc.   

    As mentioned earlier,  iirregular and unhealthy food habits may cause very serious health issue. EFL Health Code advises the particular diet for the person. By following this type of diet One can definitely resist the disease attack.seasonal changes that should be done in diet are also mentioned as per health code.The people with irregular and some incorrect dietary habits should know about the best diet for him as per his unique health code prescribed by EFL diet consultant.

Sedentary lifestyle is making your body stiff and rigid.  This may lead to weight related problems, joint complaints. Yoga as per your health code is the best way to overcome this issue.  Exercise as per health code makes your body flexible and resistes the excessive fat deposition.

yoga and meditation as per your health code are also proved to be very effective in reducing stress.
    One can get rid of stress worth the help of health code.  As per your Unique health code medications will be given which help to reduce your stress. These medications are completely safe and non habit forming.
Give some precious time for yourself.  Think for a while........  and do the Best  for you to stay healthy. Apply EFL Health code to your life and see miracles happening.

Know before heart attack These 4 Things Happen Right Before a Heart Attack

These 4 Things Happen Right Before a Heart Attack

Despite what you may believe, heart attacks rarely happen “out of the blue.” 

In fact, your body may be trying to warn you of an impending heart attack for days, weeks, perhaps even a month or two before it occurs. Unfortunately, by the time you actually recognize you’re suffering a heart attack, it could be too late to prevent death or debilitating heart damage.

So-called silent heart attacks, with signs and symptoms that are mild or seem unrelated to the heart, have long concerned cardiovascular expert Dr. Chauncey Crandall. So Dr. Crandall recently created a special free video presentation about the four most sinister warning signs to watch for.

News shows that mumbais-future-going-up-in-smoke-show-statistics

Mumbai's future going up in smoke, show statistics

Nearly 6 million Mumbaikars consume tobacco in some or the other form, according to statistics collected by Tata Memorial Hospital as part of its ongoing studies on tobacco use.
Nearly 6 million Mumbaikars consume tobacco in some or the other form, according to statistics collected by Tata Memorial Hospital as part of its ongoing studies on tobacco use.
The hospital has estimated that of these, 2 million, or one out of every seven, will die prematurely of tobacco-consumption related complications, like heart and lung disease, cancer or stroke.
Hence, for the first time, doctors from the hospital have joined hands with the Association of Medical Consultants (AMC) to spearhead the anti-tobacco campaign and counsel users they meet.
Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, associate professor, surgical oncology, Tata hospital, said, “Despite interventional strategies to dissuade youth and others from falling prey to tobacco, city children are taking to the habit in droves. While the government is taking initiative, doctors need to step up too. We only need to devote two minutes of our time for each patient.”
Experts say, a tobacco user reduces his/her life expectancy by eight to 10 years. “The World Health Organisation figures show that a third of the users die prematurely. The worrying factor is that most of these start consuming tobacco at the ages of 12-13,” added Chaturvedi.
Dr Kishore Adyanthaya, AMC vice-president, said, “Non-communicable diseases have outpaced infectious diseases in wrecking the health of millions of Mumbaikars. The biggest cause of most of these diseases is preventable by stopping tobacco consumption.”
Tobacco alone is the leading cause of 90% of the diseases affecting the mouth, 80% of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 60% of heart diseases, 50% of cancers and 20% of all deaths. According to the Tata Memorial Centre data, tobacco use is linked to 85% of head and neck squamous cell cancer cases.
While doctors say a fast-paced and changing lifestyle leads to people taking to tobacco, like smoking, they are also worried because of the increase in number of women smokers.
“More and more people are working in night shifts. This has made them resort to the most easily available sources of adrenaline, smoking and coffee. Even women take to smoking, as they climb the corporate ladder, because they believe it to be the only outlet for stress,” said Adyanthaya.
Dr Reena Wani, professor, obstretics and gynaecology department at Nair hospital, said, “Earlier, smoking was believed to be a way of shedding weight and slimming. This, in particular, has had a detrimental effect on women. Sensitising a woman is the need of the hour.”
Explaining why doctors need to be at the forefront of spreading awareness on tobacco usage, Chaturvedi said, “We have been fighting with the tobacco industries, government authorities on various platforms. A study, however, shows that physicians can be effective advocates in tobacco control efforts. Advice from doctors helps people quit smoking. According to the study, when a doctor gives a brief talk to a person on quitting, the likelihood of him doing so within a year increases.”
The AMC plans to aggressively start the drive from their clinics from Monday. It will send a directive to its members in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai to have banners advertising the drive and the ill effects of tobacco. These will be strategically displayed at the clinics.
Tobacco is the leading cause of...
90% of the diseases affecting the mouth
80% of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cases
60% of heart diseases
50% of cancers
20% of all deaths

Municipal Hospitals, Dispensaries & other Important Numbers in thane city

Municipal Hospitals, Dispensaries & other Important Numbers in thane city.

Sr. No.Name Of The OfficeTelephone No.
1.Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, Kalwa+91-22-25347784 To 86
2.Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Kalwa+91-22-25372774 To 79
3.Kopri Dispensary+91-22-25425757
4.Naupda Dispensary+91-22-25408511
5.Kisannagar Dispensary+91-22-25823232
6.Mumbra Dispensary+91-22-25463065
7.A. K. Joshi Mat. Home, Vartaknagar+91-22-25343649
8.Balkum Dispensary+91-22-25343602
9.C. R. Wadia Dispensary+91-22-25340775
10.Ayurvedic Dispensary+91-22-25336211/ +91-22-25326223
11.Shil Dispensary+91-22-25490311
12.Uthalsar Dispensary+91-22-25341253
13.Dhokali Dispensary+91-22-25404948
14.Meenatai Thakare Mat. Home, Wagle Estate+91-22-25823657
15.Kopri Mat. Home+91-22-25422778
16.Veer Sawarkarnagar Dispensary+91-22-25811704
17.Kalwa Dispensary+91-22-25347784
18.Chitalsar-Manpada Dispensary+91-22-25894769
19.Chiragnagar Dispensary+91-22-25334973
20.Majiwada Dispensary+91-22-25362375
21.Late Nirmaladevi Dighe Dispensary, Gandhinagar+91-22-25450939
22.Kajuwadi Dispensary+91-22-25800638
23.Vaternity Dispensary Office+91-22-25475428
TMC UHP Centers
Sr No.UHP NameName Of Medical OfficerMobile N0.Phone No.
1C. R. Wadia DispensaryDr. Mrs.Anita Kapadne+91-9969051244+91-22-25340775
2Kopri Health CentreDr. Mohan Gangawani+91-9820293636+91-22-25325779
3Naupada Health CentreDr. Amol Bhoir+91-9004687101+91-22-25408511
4Kisan Nagar Health CentreDr. Prakash Borulkar+91-9869004825+91-22-25823252
5Shivaji Nagar Health CentreDr. Mrs. Vaijayanti Deogekar+91-9221324346+91-22-25823657
6Veer Savarkar Nagar Health CentreDr. Arun Gawade+91-9987097131+91-22-25829110
7Vartak Nagar Health CentreDr.Mrs. Shilpa Bhoir+91-9987608447+91-22-25853731
8Gandhi Nagar Health CentreDr.Mrs. Vijaya Kadam+91-9833384030+91-22-21732439
9Laxmi Chirag Nagar Health CentreDr. Mrs. Varsha Sasane+91-9321932000+91-22-25334973
10Kajuwadi Health CentreDr.Mrs. Manisha Pawar+91-9867229941+91-22-25800638
11Ayurvedic DispensaryDr.Sanjay Pingulkar+91-9820303495+91-22-25337289
12Uthalsar Health CentreDr. Suresh Mahawarkar+91-9867962679+91-22-25341253
13Mumbra Health CentreDr. Raghunandan Nikam+91-9323797024+91-22-25463062
14Dhokali Health CentreDr.Mrs. Shruti Bangera+91-8108347464+91-22-25895529
15Kalwa Health CentreDr. Santosh Joshi+91-9223599814+91-22-25410470
16Manpada Health CentreDr.Mehul Thhakar+91-9820042914+91-22-25894769
17Balkum Health CentreDr. Sanjay Vaidya+91-9869170769+91-22-25403602
18Majiwada Health CentreDr.Mrs.Sushil Khadatare+91-9619800619+91-22-25453921
19Wagle Estate Health CentreDr.Avinash Patil+91-9321375040+91-22-25802927
20Sheel Health CentreDr.Mrs Sheetal Sahani+91-9320375040+91-22-25858292
21Kausa Health CentreDr.Pradip Pardeshi+91-9830316684+91-22-25492217
22Antkoneshwar Nagar Health CentreDr.Rajendra Hulsure+91-9869134523+91-22-25344704
23Anand Nagar Health CentreDr. Ratnakar Insulkar+91-8879216606+91-22-25973435
24Kharegaon Health CentreDr.Jayashree Thakur+91-9820246195+91-22-25309026
25Lokmanya Kores Health CenterDr. Haridas Gujar+91-9869033828+91-22-25881327
Dr. Shubhangi Sanap+91-9833952960
Dr. Manohar Dhaigude+91-9821616400
Maternity Home / Hospitals
Sr No.Maternity Home / HospitalsName Of Medical OfficerMobile N0.Phone No.
1Mumbra Maternity CentreDr.Mrs. Sangita Pardeshi+91-9820400024+91-22-25463062
2Balkum Maternity CentreDr.Sanjay Kinare+91-9820187938+91-22-25403602
3Kopri Maternity CentreDr.Rajeev Korde+91-9821188668+91-22-25325519
4Vartak Nagar Maternity CentreDr.Mrs. Shilpa Bhoir+91-9987608447+91-22-25853731
5Shivaji Nagar Maternity CentreDr.Mrs.Shilpa Maharaj+91-9820733570+91-22-25823657
6Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj HospitalDr.Sadanand Waghchaure+91-9769007546+91-22-25347785

Thane health news

Thane health news

The seasonal change from the warm summer to the much-awaited monsoon brings quite a few health problems. Cold, fever, flu along with fungal infections in the ear and throat infections are common health problems that typically appear in monsoon.

The rainy season brings along a number of air borne and water borne diseases. People face problem in throat, nose and ear. Prof. (Dr) J. M. Hans, Chairman E.N.T Rockland Hospital, says, “Our body’s immunity reduces due to dehydration during the summer and becomes susceptible to the diseases associated with rains. The diseases include malaria, dengue, jaundice, gastrointestinal infections like typhoid and cholera, and also the viral infections like cold and cough. ENT problems also resurface this time around as the external ear cannel lined by the Squamous-cell carcinoma is susceptible to infections.”
Dr Hans, further adds, “Some people love to itch their ears and also put cotton buds, sticks, feathers or cloth inside their ears and itch it. This is a strict no as fungus is breeding everywhere. So, these might contain fungus, and once you put it inside your ear it starts growing there. This causes the ears to itch vigorously for a day or two and then the problem worsens with complaints of earache and a feeling of blockage.”
To avoid all this it is very important to boost our immunity and take proper precautions.
Another area of concern is the fungal infections caused by fungus and yeast that thrive in wet skin folds like underarms, groins and under the breasts. Feet are another area for such infections especially amongst those who wear shoes and socks throughout the day. Ensure that clothes, socks, footwear etc are dry. Use adequate talcum powder. Also, drink boiled/filtered water. Avoid drinks and ice that is not made from filtered water.
Also, we drink cold beverages during summers to overcome heat. In monsoons, most of the people prefer cold water. This can lead to throat infections and fever. Prefer hot beverages like herbal tea and soups. It will keep the body warm and also boost the immune system. Your monsoon diet must include dairy products as they can boost your immune system and fight germs that might attack you. A glass of hot milk is healthy and nutritious.
Dr Savyasachi Saxena, Consultant, ENT, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad, says, “During monsoon, fungal infection in ears increases. This causes pain, and itching. Also, people who have a small hole in the ear drum undergo trouble. Due to this ear discharge begins and this is a big problem that may even require surgery.”
Dr Chanchal Pal, ENT specialist at Moolchand Medicity says, “Fungal infection in the ear, skin infection, allergic reaction and throat infection along with viral infection are common during monsoon. High temperature due to tonsil infection is also common. Drinking cold water, sudden change of temperature, itching ears contribute to 30 per cent of the hike in these diseases. After taking medicine regularly for a week, throat and skin problems subside. However, fungal infections in the ear could take 21 days to cure.”
Children are soft targets during monsoon. Since children have a low immunity it is seen that they are affected most by viral diseases. So, there are lots of cases of mumps, measles, and other viral infections. Sore throat and runny nose is usually an added symptom. It is best to consult with a doctor and get appropriate treatment to solve the problems.

6 Effective Home Remedies for Constipation

6 Effective Home Remedies for Constipation

• Extra Virgin Olive oil for Constipation
The best ever home remedy for constipations is extra virgin oil. When it’s so jammed, drink 1/2 cup of olive oil raw or mix with any juice. After two hours, the jammed colon is gone and it gives you a great feel like brand new. Another popular and effective home remedy for constipations is olive oil mixed with honey. Take 2 tbsp honey and add 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. Drink it and see the magic.
• Parsley juice
Parsley juice is one of the best home remedies for constipation. There are lots of health benefits of parsley in different health issues including constipation. You can take parsley in different ways. Take 2 tbsp parsley juice daily to get cured of constipation. Or you can eat parsley as salad mix with your daily meals.
• Flax seeds and oat bran Mix
Take 1 tbsp of flax seeds and 1 tbsp of oat bran in a small bowl. Cover the mixture with filtrated water and leave it overnight. Eat the mixture in the morning 30 minutes before your breakfast. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to get the quickest result

Home Remedies for Under Eye Dark Circles

Home Remedies for Under Eye Dark Circles

1. Tomato
Tomato has got certain properties that can lighten your skin color to a great extent .All you have to do is just take a spoon of tomato juice and mix it with one teaspoon of lemon juice .
Apply this mixture beneath your eyes on your dark circles and apply for about 10 minutes . Then rinse it off with water . Follow this remedy twice a day to reduce the dark circles .
2. Cucumber

Cucumber has got very good skin lightening properties. Use of cucumber is considered as very effective and quick treatment of dark circles .

Just take a fresh cucumber and cut it into thick slices . Keep them in refrigerator for half an hour . Now put the slices of cucumber over the affected area for about ten minutes . Now wash the face with plain water . This will give a refreshing effect to your skin .

Follow this remedy for about two weeks and soon the dark circles will vanish.