Do you know your health Code?

When you go to doctor, he recommends you few medicines & tell you what to follow & what to not.These medicine might work best for the patients or sometime it take a little time to cure. But for little things like cold, cough we always visit nearest clinic to cure. We know that doctor medicine works best.

But have we ever observed that why these diseases are occurring again & again? Have we ever tried to make it cure from root. The answer would be defiantly not. Cause we always select the instant & fast curing solution, to cover up as early as possible. But these small disease may lead to problem at the age of 40-50. So taking care is best way, Cause we know that precautions is always better.

You must be surprised , that how to cure such disease from root. But not worry there are lots of healthcare consultants who helps you cure from root. Before undergoing any treatment you must know your health code first, which helps in lots of treatment. Every person has its own unique health code, which specifies his unique health code. These unique healthcode give you more informative secrets of your body.

Few things just for TEENAGERS

Teen Age, is the most favorite age of everyone. But let me tell you that this is the most critical stage of human body development, because 90% body changes start in this age. And the personality starts developing in this age. Because of school, college, studies we do not get that much time to take care of our body in this age, we just say “ Let’s see afterword.”

I think taking care in this age is more important. At the starting stage you treating yourself with healthy lifestyle makes your future better. You can try out the following ways-

  • Your face represents your body changes. So taking care of skin is important. Mostly at the age of 12-18 girls & boys face the problem of pimples. To reduce it they try out some local products which may help them to cure or sometimes its of no use. My recommendation is to try to clean it from root. You can clean your face with the Ayurveda Treatmentslike Leech Therapy. According to Panchkarma, leech Therapy is the state of detoxification& Purifying the body. Using this therapy you can remove out impure blood from face.
  • Keep your Smile bright. Your teeth is also important part of your face. To make your teeth more healthy & strong you can try out the natural & home remedies. Do not forget to brush your teeth twice daily.