Natural and Home Remedy Tips To Stop Hair Fall

Natural Tips To Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall become quite common due to several problems like oily scalp,imbalance in hormones,dandruff,change of water and too much stress chlorinated or salty water can turn healthy hair into a frizzy mess.

Too much treatment to hair such as coloring,perming eventually kill the hair.

By giving birth to baby also leads hair fall(hair strands of tendency to loose the hair easily).

Loosing hair is a sign of unhealthy such as thyroid disorder,kidney dysfunctioning.

home remedies to stop hair fall:

Oil treatment:
                           Take natural oil such as coconut,olive oil and heat it up so it will get warmer.rub it on your hands and massage gently into your scalp.put on shower cap and leave it for an hour then shampoo it.

Onion and garlic juice:
                                           Onion and garlic are rich sources of sulphur rub your scalp with ginger juice or onion juice leave it over night and  rinse it  in the morning.

                     Take lemon cut it into two pieces and rub it on your scalp. lemon is rich in vitamin c which helps in growth of hair.

              Henna has a major role in strengthening hair. mixing mustard oil with henna gives even better results. add 250 ml of mustard oil in 50-60 gm of dried henna leaves. boil the total mixture so that the leaves get burnt and filter the oil.

             cactus oil contain some high fatty acids which may spur hair growth.Harsh substances may strip away the protective layers,which causes dry and brittle hair. they further attack the hair and break down the basic structure. they destroy the roots of the hair.Due to applying cactus oil this danger may be avoided.

               Eggs are very useful they help in promoting extra regrowth of hair. egg contain many proteins and minerals like iodine,phosphorus,iron and zinc. Eggs are rich in sulphur.These minerals,proteins and presence of sulphur helps in extra regrowth of hair. 
usage: Mix the olive oil in egg and apply this to your hair this gives you better result.

Indian gooseberry: 

                                     apply the amla (Indian gooseberry) gently into your hair and massage softly.It is rich in vitamin c and helps in most hair loss woes.
usage:Take an amla and make a juice of it.mix a lime juice to 2 spoons of this solution(amla juice) now apply this solution to your hair and leave it to dry. rinse it with warm water.

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