Best Diet Tips for This thunder Winter

Best Diet Tips for This thunder Winter 
Say 'no' to cream-based soups. Rich and creamy soups may be soothing fix on a chilly evening, but you can get the same comfort from a bowl of vegetarian chili or broth-based soup instead. Cheese and Potato Soup can easily cost you between 350-400 calories per serving and over 20 grams of fat. Broth-based soups generally range from 150-200 calories per serving and just 5-10 grams of fat.
Avoid the bread basket. The warm bread rolls and pillowy foccacia bread at the table can easily lead to weight gain, especially if you pile on the butter and rich spreads of the season. Opt for crackers or veggies to accompany your meals, and save the extra carbs and calories for a treat instead.
Load up on zucchini and pumpkin baked goods. These can be made in reduced sugar and lowfat versions, and the denser ingredients make a much more satisfying sweet bread or dessert. Choose organic whenever possible for a wholesome meal or side.
Eat a healthy breakfast. Eating a wholesome breakfast of fruit, oatmeal, or low-sugar cereal each morning will curb your appetite throughout the entire day. It can also boost your metabolism, so you'll be burning calories all day long with very little effort! Eating breakfast at home also makes it easy to forego those calorie-laden muffins, donuts, and other temptations at the office.
Exercise portion control for sweets. Chocolate and baked goodies abound during Fall and winter, and it can be easy to overindulge with all the festivities. Allow yourself one treat per day so you can still enjoy what you really want, but just in smaller portions throughout the week.
Cook at home whenever possible. Preparing meals at home is one of the easiest ways to get into healthy eating mode, and you can find dozens of healthy recipes on the internet or cookbooks. Take some time to put together a meal plan and even get creative with low-fat cooking in your hearty meal favorites. Even simple items such as macaroni and cheese, pasta bakes, and apple cobbler can be made with healthy ingredients and substitutions.
Head to the Farmer's market. Your local farmer's market is a great spot to round up the latest fruits and vegetables in season, and can even inspire you to start eating a range of different fruits and veggies throughout the week. Bundle up and enjoy the brisk whether as you round up some of the season's freshest produce and treats.

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